rCBDC in Hong Kong


  • Acts as the digital version of Hong Kong dollar cash.
  • Carries a lot of innovative potential.
  • Visible advantage.

Benefits of using e-HKD

  • Assist in preparing Hong Kong for the issues that alternative units of account (such as stablecoins) pose in Hong Kong.
  • Enable innovative applications.

Potential challenges of e-HKD

  • Cause the retail payment landscape become more competitive.
  • Impact on banks’ funding when too many people convert their money from bank deposits to e-HKD.
  • A certain level of traceability would be unavoidable.

How do Retail Central Bank Digital Currency (rCBDC) differ from the existing e-Payment methods?

  • rCBDC works in the same way that physical coins and notes produced or backed by the central bank do.
  • It is registered in the account of the central bank and hence has no credit risk.
  • Hold central bank money in electronic form and use it to make payments.

Potential benefits brought by rCBDC

  • Boost the availability and usability of central bank money, allowing it to be utilized in more situations than cash.
  • Reducing the likelihood of alternative units of account becoming dominant.
  • Greater flexibility and innovation in payments and payment-related digital services.
  • With the use of e-HKD, it is free of credit and liquidity risks, resilient to network outage, merchant acceptance, anonymity, and universally accessible.
  • Loosen the effective lower bound, allowing policy rates to fall more than they would otherwise.

Potential challenges brought by rCBDC

  • Increasing cyber security and software risks.
  • Power/network outages during extreme weather events increase the risks of economic vulnerability.

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